Wildlife Emergency

Humane Wildlife Solutions

Coexistence is crucial in handling all human-wildlife conflicts. Northern Colorado Wildlife Center urges everyone to appreciate the diversity of species in the community and the important ecological roles that each individual plays.

Most wildlife is protected by federal and state laws and harming them is very illegal and unethical.

Wildlife On Property:
-Eliminate all available food sources such as bird seed, pet food, etc.
-Use wildlife repellents to line the area where you want to discourage wildlife.
-Use floodlights, strobe lights, or motion activated lights in areas where you do not want wildlife.
-Use heavy trash cans with locking lids to keep wildlife out of trash.

Wildlife Under Porches, in Attics, or in Chimneys:
-If it is a mammal, put rags that are soaked in ammonia where the animal is.
-Play loud music or talk shows in the space where the animal is.
-Use floodlights, strobe lights, or motion activated lights to scare the animal out.
-Once the animals are removed find and block any entry points to avoid future problems. Chimney caps, heavy gauge wiring, chicken fencing, and one-way doors are all great options to block entries.
-Always check for babies before blocking entry points. Call a wildlife rehabilitator if you find babies.

Wildlife Damaging Property:
-Use wildlife repellents and spray lawn equipment, trees, gardens, or other areas that are being damaged. This must be reapplied if it rains or is washed away. This makes the object sprayed taste very bitter, but is safe for wildlife.
-Use electric fences to keep wildlife out of areas.
-Use a hose to spray the animal. Make sure to not harm the animal with long constant jet streams of water.
-Use chicken wire or other fencing around trees, gardens, or structures to keep wildlife out. Keep in mind animals such as raccoons, foxes, and some birds have a very easy time climbing or getting through fencing.

Woodpeckers Pecking at the House or Other Birds on Property:
-Place fake owls, wind chimes, balloons, or Mylar tape in the areas where the birds roost.
-Shout or use a hose to scare the animals away.
-Cover holes or damage on the property quickly with metal flashing.

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