Current Services

Northern Colorado Wildlife Center is doing everything it can to help the wildlife and people within the community. Since we are still in the start-up phases, we can only offer some education and outreach services as well as access to humane solutions. With your generous donations we can expand our services and do much more for our community!


Wildlife Education and Outreach Programs

If you are interested in having Northern Colorado Wildlife Center visit your classroom, company, scout troop, or other organization please email us at or call 970-682-5460 with further questions or interests. We can provide age appropriate presentations on a variety of topics to anyone from preschoolers to senior citizens. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor presentations to each individual audience, large or small, so that everyone gets the most out of our visit!

Outreach Program Inquary Form

Future Services

Northern Colorado Wildlife Center is aspiring to be a full fledged wildlife rehabilitation center tasked with taking caring for the numerous sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife that inhabit the area. However in addition to providing for the wildlife, we hope to provide just as much to the community in many different ways. 

  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Internships
  • Community Service Fullfillment
  • Lecture Circuits
  • Careers
  • Fundraisers
  • One of a Kind Experiences with Local Wildlife

Volunteering and Internships

Work hands on with wildlife and gain once in a lifetime experiences through helping to feed, clean, transport, administer medical care, and release the animals that come into the rehabilitation center.

Volunteers and interns will also learn skills such as medical treatments, capture and restraint methods, dietary and nutrition applications, habitat construction, and many other skills that can not be learned in any other setting. 

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Wildlife rehabilitation is the main focus of Northern Colorado Wildlife Center. We want to do everything we can to help the sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife that we share the community with so that they can have a second chance at life and be released back into their habitats when healed. This is done through providing medical treatment, proper diet, safe and appropriate caging, and a plethora of other services to the animals. However, we need your help in the form of generous, tax deductible, donations to make this vision a reality.